Two of My Favorite Things . . . Combined?


Master hook maker Jimbo has done the unheard of by combining a winebottle stopper with a CROCHET HOOK.  He has created the “Hookstopper.”   Why did he do that?

I love me some wine, I love to crochet and when I have the rare moments where just crocheting for myself, I happily do both at the same time.  Usually produces some frogging though.

Head over to Jimbo’s Front Porch to see this one of a kind invention, and if you desire to own the one-of-a-kind invention, you can bid on it.

One thought on “Two of My Favorite Things . . . Combined?

  1. I daren’t make a combination wine stopper and whittling knife, though… as much as the two would LIKE to go together.

    Thanks for the kind words!
    Oh…. and Happy Valentine Day!!

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