Tagging Projects on Ravelry

How do you determine how to tag your projects on Ravelry.com?  Do you just pick the first words that come to mind or do you have a system?

Ravelry is a search-based website so if you want others to be able to find your projects, it is important to use good tags.  If you don’t want to be searched, then do the opposite of what I’m about to share.

The first suggestion I have is to try to come up with more than only one or two tags.  Okay, you’ve uploaded a project for the sweater that you started making.  What tags are good ones to use?  Sweater is obvious, but what about top, shirt, camisole, cardigan, pullover, boatneck, raglan, tunic, shawl collar, etc.?  Think about what tags you can use to further describe your project.

Now you have a few tags that indicate the project you are making.  How about a few tags describing the yarn manufacturer and yarn name, you can even list the color(s) of the yarn.  Any special treatments?  Is it beaded, embroidered, etc.?   Is it a themed item — holiday, seasonal, or based on a movie, book, song, person, etc.  Is there a special technique that you used?  All of those make great tags to add.

Don’t forget to create a tag for the designer of the pattern or publication/book, and please don’t forget to make a tag for your username.

When you type a tag on Ravelry, type tags that contain one or more word or phrases as one long word.  If you type the words or phrases as individually in between commas, Ravelry will merge them together as one word.  If you type them as separate words without commas, Ravelry will consider each word to be a separate tag. To the right of the box where you fill in your tags is a small icon that looks like a label or tag.  You can click on this to select from previous tags that you have used instead of typing them over again.  Ravelry remembers the tags you previously used.

Tagging your projects allows Ravelry to become even more search-friendly for you and for others who might be looking similar projects or even your projects, specifically.  I hope more people will consider adding more tags to their Ravelry projects.