New Crochet Magazine Debut: Inside Crochet

A new magazine dedicated exclusively to crochet will make its debut on March 27, 2009.  Get ready for Inside Crochet magazine.  This will be a UK publication from KAL Media, the same company that publishes Yarn Forward magazine.

But even more exciting than knowing there will be another crochet magazine is knowing that the new editors will be Julie Holetz, designer of the famous Fat Bottom Bag,  and Amy O’Neill Houck, designer of the much-loved Baby Doll Dress.  In addition to being great designers, they are both excellent technical editors.

I recently finished Amy’s Alpine Frost Scarf from the Winter 2008 issue of Interweave Crochet. So easy to make, but very elegant looking.   I will be making this again.

Alpine Frost Scarf
Alpine Frost Scarf © Eddie Guy Photography

As my friend, MimiSatin, would say “Touche’ for Crochet!”  Yes, another strike for crochet.