(Event) American Craft Show – Atlanta, GA

(Event) American Craft Show – Atlanta, GA

American Craft Council Show 2016


Join TurquoizBlue at American Craft Show in Atlanta, GA

Join me at the American Craft Show this Saturday at 2 pm for fabric flower making and other fiber crafts. Visit SEFAA’S booth #7.


cheetah print for Spoonflower fabric

I received my first order of custom fabric from Spoonflower last month. There are some things I’ll tweek for my next order, but I was very pleased with it. I originally wanted to use it for a specific project that combined sewing and crochet, but I missed the deadline. So I’m undecided what to do with it. One fabric was a simple stripe and the other is a cheetah print with a turquoise background. It is from a painting I did a few years ago. Spoonflower is a printer of fabrics that are custom designed. The company is still in the beta phase so there is a waiting list for new customers.

You can see both my fabrics on the Spoonflowering Episode 8 video on the Spoonflower blog. First one is the turquoiz cheetah print and the second is the turquoiz/red stripe shown later in the video. 😀