New Spring/Summer Crochet Patterns from This Is Crochet


Look for new Spring / Summer #crochet patterns on and Ravelry this weekend #ThisIsCrochet

For those of you who cannot wait until the weekend, a little birdy says try KnitPicks.

Crochet Your Own Ikea-Inspired Baskets

crochet your own ikea-inspired baskets

Crochet Inspirations

Ikea hand-crocheted baskets

I don’t think I’ve ever talked about it in my newsletters, but I love Ikea! I love looking at the website, flipping through the catalog, and walking through the store. I spend hours in there everytime I go.

Last time I was there, I saw these baskets that they describe as being “handwoven.” After studying them for a few minutes, they sure looked like they were crochet to me. Single crochet! Each basket is “one of a kind,” made from 100% polypropylene, and machine-washable. There were square baskets, round baskets, door-mounted storage, toiletry bags, and a drawer storage container with divided compartments.

These containers all look like they could be easily made by using a kitchen cotton or a crochet nylon. I don’t think a pattern would be needed, but for those of us who might want patterns, here are a few*:

*You will need to register with Lily in order to access patterns.

Hot Summer Crochet

Summer fun at Daytona Beach

Are you surviving the heat wave?

It has been super hot down here in the Dirty South. My yard and flowers are all burned up, and I’ve been fighting ants like crazy.

But, it’s never too hot for crochet. Instead of dealing with itchy wools, I’ve been playing with lots of silk, cotton, and bamboo yarns.

June was my vacation month so there was no newsletter. I went to Orlando and Daytona Beach. Lots of good food, sun, and the beach. I wish I could go back right now.