Orchid Needs Buttons

Finally done with the crocheting. My White Orchid is blocked, and this weekend I will find some cute buttons for it. Ew, looking at the photo I can now see that this top was nowhere near aligned when I pinned it. I will use a ruler next time instead of just eyeballing it.

Hope I haven’t gotten to fat to model this.

Speaking of weight, I’ve just come off a 14-day fast. Nothing but fresh juices and water. I lost 10 lbs. I will be doing this again in a few months. I cannot wait to get my cholesterol checked again.

3 thoughts on “Orchid Needs Buttons

  1. I can’t wait to model that Orchid too. I might be tiiiiiiight. LOL.

    I never hear of Naked Juice. I’ll look for it. Crochet is easy to learn. It’s just going in and out of different holes (I know that didn’t sound proper).

  2. Have you ever tried Naked Juice? I love it! I am nowhere close to doing a 10-day fast, but maybe one day.

    I wish I could crochet something other than scarves. My aunt and grandmother taught me how to knit verbally and I can’t read a pattern to save my life.

  3. I absolutely need to do that! I could use 1 or 3 pounds off!

    I can’t wait to see you model your orchid!

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