Graced with Lace

  • Purchased IC magazine in 2004
  • Began Lily Chin Lace Dress in 2005
  • Completed in 2006
  • Wove in the ends and blocked in April 2008
  • Finally, posting pictures almost four years later in May 2008


I made this with Patons Grace in Tangelo. I am not nude underneath. Instead of a slip, I’m wearing a skin-toned body shaper. It extends from below my bra to above my knees. If you wear this, you can see through the lace, but you are well-covered.

I need to update my Blog Roll. There are several blogs I want to add.

6 thoughts on “Graced with Lace

  1. holy cow! beautiful and amazing work! wow. i really need to learn how to properly crochet!

  2. so worth it! i absolutely love this dress…. it’s looks fabulous on you!
    after i get all (or at least most) of my excess off (nice way of saying i’m a bit ’round’ LOL ), this is one of the first things i plan to make.
    you were great inspiration for me today!!

  3. Beautiful! As in, the dress is beautiful and you wear it beautifully. I hope Lily Chin visits blogs and finds yours! I think she’d enjoy seeing how your dress came out.

  4. That’s a gorgeous dress!

    Thanks for having me on your blogroll; I promise that after June 3, I’ll be updating my own blog again.

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