Envisioning and Staying Focused

The other week, I couldn’t wait to get to my Connecticut Avenue Jacket and remove the pins from the blocking. It has turned out exactly like I had envisioned, maybe even better. I proudly put in on, sans the buttons that needed to be added, and went into my 24-year-old son’s room to model my creation.

“What do you think?”

Him: “Is that the thing you’ve been working on all this time?”

*smiling proudly* “Yes!”

Him: “Oh, it should be longer and why are the sleeves too short?”

“Because that’s the style that’s out right now, and I think it’s cute.”

Him: “Well, it looks okay, but the sleeves . . .”

*getting irritated and cutting him off* “You don’t know what’s hot right now.” *I exit back to my fortress of solitude and sanity, otherwise known as my bedroom*

I can only imagine what my daughter will say when I show her. LOL!

For some reason, I tend to keep my creations to myself and admire them in private. I don’t know why I only trip about my crochet only. I used to design jewelry, dolls and others creations — proudly displaying them for sale — but it’s like I couldn’t bear for someone close to me to talk bad about my first love, crochet.

Ravelry is helping me to get over this. Seeing so many people freely displaying their work has made me brave. Got me in my closets looking for things I made long ago so I can say “look what I made!” I’m even modeling my designs. LOL!

I have one more step I need to take, though. I need to work up the courage to show my boyfriend my finished work. He always sees me crocheting but never sees what I’ve done. And on top of all this, he’s professional photographer, but still my crazy butt is taking pics in my bathroom instead of asking him to take my pics. Does that make any sense?

I really want to eventually have some of my designs for sale as patterns, and in order to do that I’m going to have to get focused and get over my phobias and weird ways.

10 thoughts on “Envisioning and Staying Focused

  1. Hi, I came to your site through Black Purl. You do excellent work!

    If you want to design and write patterns, it does take confidence. Your blog is entitled “This Is Crochet”. Well, it certainly takes confidence to make such a definitive statement.

    Teenagers are in their own world, as you were when you were one. Besides, they’re not going to make any of it. Show others your work, at your local yarn shop, or on Ravelry.

    And get your boyfriend to take one picture; do you want him to take you seriously? And even HE might not like everything you make. But hey, neither do you. Right?

    The key to design, is just not to take rejection personally.

  2. I say its HOT!! Absolutely fabulous. That teenager is not a fashionista! Write that pattern now!! And for his or anyone else’s information the sleeves are short so that they can show off the bracelets that you will be wearing when you are stylin’ that jacket (and getting it photographed by the boyfriend.

  3. I think your Jacket is elegant. Simple yet it has nice details. I especially like the sleeves. I think you can have a bit hit if you decided to sell the pattern. Forget what your son commented, since your market is not a teenager.

  4. your jacket is awesome! I believe that if those knitters out there who don’t necessarily like crochet would see your stuff, they would be converted!

  5. Good luck with getting your children to give you your “props.” I never can. I walk around from time to time and ask, “would anyone like to say they’re proud of me?”

    Regardless, you’re a masterful crocheter. Keep up the great work!

  6. family is not the place to start unveiling ones precious projects. if they don’t like it we feel crushed, if they do like it we think they’re just being nice, or what do they know. it looks cute as hell in the picture and it’s totally in the moment. as no teenager can be! they are totally herd creatures…love ’em, lived thru it, but not necesarily the folks who understand in-di-vid-U-ality! it looks terrific andthat’s a totally hot sleeve length, which is going to ZING with some accessories. so there.

    saw your link on ravelry and i’m very respectful of your ability to make this happen!

  7. Come on now! Forget everything that boy just said. I’ve been drooling over the jacket since you first showed it and I need the pattern rat-rat now. I’m trying to get me a date within the next 30 days. By the time I finish the jacket, it should be warm enough to wear it in the evening. When I picture myself in that jacket, OMG. Please hurry with the pattern, please. I’m so glad you’re coming out of the closet with your designs, they’re superb. Now get your man on the photography.

    I wish you were here so that you could see me on my knees.

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