Did You Abandon Your Blog, TurquoizBlue?

Thank you to everyone who sent messages asking how I am doing.   I have been submerged in classes and work to the point where I barely have time to sleep.

I only sent out two crochet submissions last year.  One was accepted and will be in the Spring 2010 issue of Interweave Crochet magazine.  I’ve done a little personal crocheting when I can find free minutes, and I’m putting together some designs that I am going to personally publish.

I am in the middle of an upcoming redesign for the This Is Crochet website. Look for that to come soon along with a few new patterns.

One thing that I saw and wanted to share is Robyn Chacula’s blog post on “Adopt A Designer.” Great idea!

I will be back later with a post about the AfroStitch Conference I attended this past weekend. I had a good time and met some great people.