Day 26: A Tour Through Crochet Country

Today is Day 26 of Crochetville’s A Tour through Crochet Country, and the featured bloggers are Susan Lowman and Michele Maks.

I originally blogged about Susan and her role with the CGOA, but in addition to co-chairing the CGOA Masters Program, Susan creates amazing and colorful crochet designs.  She is also a tech editor and instructor who teaches locally and at the CGOA national conferences.  She crochets all types of projects including garments, accessories, toys, filet, and lace.

Michele is the former editor of Crochet World magazine.  I was fortunate to work with Michele on two of my patterns.  She was actually one of the first editors to accept my designs when I was new to the game.  Michele has been a crochet and knit designer for many years, and she is now learning how to get past her previous workaholic tendencies and to embrace a more Zen-like lifestyle while living with MS.  Please visit her blog for her three Deecie blanket patterns which are perfect for Project Night Night.

Tomorrow’s featured designers are Marie Segares and Brenda Stratton.

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