Hanging out With Cre8tion Crochet

Hanging out With Cre8tion Crochet

I had a great conversation with Lorene Eppolite of Cre8tion Crochet.  Listen as we discuss crochet, fashion, designing,  the Knit & Crochet Show and Crochet Savvy Magazine.

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Free Crochet Pattern Websites Worth Visiting

Free Crochet Pattern Websites Worth Visiting

First for Women Magazine asked me what were my five favorite sites for free crochet patterns.

Here are my favs

(Interview) Taking the Leap: A Designer’s Journey by L’Tanya Durante of Craftnicity

(Interview) Taking the Leap: A Designer’s Journey by L’Tanya Durante of Craftnicity

Note:  This interview was originally featured in Craftnicity magazine, which is no longer published.

Taking the Leap: A Designer’s Journey

I know you’ve thought about it. But, have you done it?

Have you sketched, swatched and submitted a design for publication?

If youre still in the thinking about it, analyzing it, procrastinating stage, read on. It’s just what Rhonda Davis, aka TurquoizBlue experienced until she took a leap of faith.

How did you finally shift from being an information gatherer to submitting a design?
I had thought about attempting to design crochet professionally for a long time.  I always told myself that “one day” I would do it.  It wasn’t fear that held me back.  It was procrastination, overanalyzing the situation, and a lack of impetus to take action.

The thing that lit my fire was one Sunday at church when the pastor said that the first part of turning a dream into reality was to have a vision and that the next step was to write your vision down in order to make it a reality.  He said there is something about writing it down and creating a plan that sets things in motion and that talking about it is not enough. He kept saying “write it down and it will be made plain to you.”   At that point I told myself I was going to stop just talking about it and actually do it.

So I decided I was going to go for it, put my designs in writing and prepare a submission.  At that point I didn’t have mentor so I read the guidelines thoroughly, prepared my submission package, and prayed I’d done it correctly and that the editors would like my work.

After I sent off that package, I had to wait months before I knew whether my design was accepted.  During that waiting period, I changed, and I became flooded with ideas for submissions.  I continued to put everything in writing.  I no longer had any hesitations, and I started sending out lots designs.  I even had some rejections before my first submission was accepted.  I didn’t let that deter me.

Now, I have more ideas than I could ever possibly use.  I try to write them all down before I lose them.  I now have journals full of idea, sketches, potential proposals, half-written patterns, etc.  Unfortunately, my new battle is the lack of time to create.  Once I tackle that, I expect to produce lots more work.

Since having her Mulled Spices Afghan pattern published, TurquoizBlue is sharing her experiences as a new designer and has outlined 8 tips to preparing a crochet submission package. Her tips are fantastic and can be modified to fit almost any needlecraft.

I look forward to following her journey and hope it encourages you to start yours.