Craft Tree: Crocheted Afghans


Introducing Craft Tree: Crocheted Afghans

A collection of 10 of popular crocheted afghans patterns

Interweave has put together a collection of 10 popular afghans, blankets, and throws called Craft Tree: Crocheted Afghans that features the following designs from top crochet designers:

  • Sweet Lorraine Lace Throw
  • Painted Turtle Afghan
  • Dots Blanket
  • Hap Blanket
  • Solas Caomh
  • Marmalade Skies Afghan
  • Magic Carpet Blanket
  • Moorish Mosaic Afghan
  • Seaside Throw
  • Mulled Spices Afghan

Explore a variety of techniques and styles.  Perfect for projects for gifts to give throughout the year.

Crochet Your Own Ikea-Inspired Baskets

crochet your own ikea-inspired baskets

Crochet Inspirations

Ikea hand-crocheted baskets

I don’t think I’ve ever talked about it in my newsletters, but I love Ikea! I love looking at the website, flipping through the catalog, and walking through the store. I spend hours in there everytime I go.

Last time I was there, I saw these baskets that they describe as being “handwoven.” After studying them for a few minutes, they sure looked like they were crochet to me. Single crochet! Each basket is “one of a kind,” made from 100% polypropylene, and machine-washable. There were square baskets, round baskets, door-mounted storage, toiletry bags, and a drawer storage container with divided compartments.

These containers all look like they could be easily made by using a kitchen cotton or a crochet nylon. I don’t think a pattern would be needed, but for those of us who might want patterns, here are a few*:

*You will need to register with Lily in order to access patterns.

Happy New Year: Is It Your Time?

Fireworks - Happy New Year from This Is Crochet




Happy New Year!

Did you complete all your crochet holiday gifts? I did, but I have to confess that my gift was a blanket which I didn’t finish last year. It was huge, but it’s done and delivered.

Now that the holidays are over, I hope you have time to make some things for yourselves. For me, 2011 was a year of sacrifice. My time and energy was devoted to helping my family. With work and school, there was very little time for crochet. This summer I became a stay-at-home grandmother, and all I can say is I tip my hat to all SAHMs! This is a full-time job.

It’s been a while since I blogged or emailed, and I am happy to be able to get back to designing crochet. I’m sure you all know how frustrating it is to have all sorts of creative ideas and not be able to get them out. I’ve had lots of time to rethink this crochet thing, and I’m excited to see what 2012 brings.

January is National Hot Tea Month. There are lots of fun tea-related projects on Ravelry like cozies, doilies and coasters. I think I will start with a mug cozy.

New Pattern: Megastar, a Six-Pointed Star Tunisian Crochet Blanket

Megastar Blanket Crochet Pattern

Six-pointed star blanket uses the Tunisian crochet Slant Stitch and color changes to create wide stripes which meet to form a burst of color that radiates from the center. The stripes are continued in the surrounding border.

A few years ago, I was exploring how to create different star and pinwheel shapes using Tunisian Crochet. One of the first motifs I came up with was a five-pointed star shape, which I went on to use in my Seaside Throw Afghan which was published in the Interweave Crochet Summer 2009 issue. The six-pointed star was one of the next incarnations of the Tunisian crochet star motif. I enlarged the small motif into a large star, and sketching and playing with color options brought about the stripes and burst of color from the center of the star.

This afghan is shown on a king-sized bed, but the pattern can easily be adapted to any size just be decreasing the stitch and row count.

Through The Looking Glass . . . Curtains

I received my copy of the Interweave Crochet Spring 2010 issue. This is a very nice issue. Lots of wearable garments for Spring.

A few items I would love to make if I can find time. One of them is the Devon Cardigan by Margaret Hubert. I think this would be cute with a little skirt. I’d like it to have some navy blue in it.

(c) Interweave Press
(c) Interweave Press

The other two items are the Kiki Dress by Annette Petavy and Bella Dress by April Garwood. I want to make both of these for my granddaughter.

(c) Interweave Press(c) Interweave Press
(c) Interweave Press
(c) Interweave Press


Also in this issue are my Looking Glass Curtains. The curtains are made of one large motif and one small motif that contains two small mirrors enclosed in crochet cotton. To me, the curtains I made for Interweave Crochet look more antique, but these curtains are actually very adaptable to lots of different types of styles.


(c) Interweave Press
(c) Interweave Press


I think they would be beautiful done in a neutral, sandy color. Great for a beachy/cottage look. Also, dark red, burgundy, eggplant or even black for something more dramatic. Pastels would be pretty for a girls room, too.

I want to make a pair for myself, but I have to decide where I’m going to use them. It will be for curtains in my bedroom or either curtains for the windows or for french doors for my office/studio.

CGOA Design Contest Winner!

Guess what? I won 3rd place in the Home Décor category. Here is the list of winners:

VictoriAfricana Footstool

My entry was called “VictoriAfricana Footstool.” I chose this name because the footstool combines a traditionally-styled stool and fringe with an African-inspired motif and color scheme. I also chose to name it VictoriAfricana because it made me think of Queen Victoria, the style of the Victorian period, and the stories about her alleged African ancestry through her grandmother Queen Charlotte. I think the two different types of elements cause a pleasant friction.

I was so happy when I heard I had won. Thank you to all the judges.

Seaside Throw – Interweave Crochet Magazine Spring 2009

I have a design in the Spring 09 issue of Interweave Crochet. It is the Seaside Throw.

I imagined this crochet throw as perfect for chilly days at the beach house. It reminds me of sand, ocean, starfish, netting and rope. Six separate pentagon-shaped motifs are joined together with wedge-shaped inserts to form a pentagon-shaped throw. The throw is edged with a crochet edging that resembles rope.

Interweave Crochet Spring 2009

If you are like me, you are waiting for the preview of the Spring 09 issue of Interweave Crochet to appear soon.  In the meantime, I can show you the cover of the new issue.

Interweave Crochet Spring 2009
Interweave Crochet Spring 2009

You can preorder your copy now here.  Also, check out this important announcement on the preorder page under the “Projects” section:

  • Seaside Throw (Rhonda Davis) – Tunisian crochet lap blanket evokes starfish, sand, and sea.

Yes, I’m in this issue and I’m excited for you all to see my project!