This IS Yo’ Momma’s and Yo’ Granny’s Crochet, Too!

Some of the current phrases about the latest resurgience of crochet are various forms of “it’s not your mother’s/grandmother’s/granny’s/mama’s/etc.’s crochet.” Everytime I hear or read them, I get this little twinge in the back of my neck and my spine crawls a little. Something rises up in me that makes me say (usually to no one because there’s no one around), “OH.YES.IT.IS!”

This crochet that you are doing IS your momma’s and your granny’s crochet. As a mother and a grandmother of four children, I say that my crochet is definitely au currant and relevant. And I’m sure the other “mature” crochets will tell you all the same. Ha!

Also, what was so wrong with the crochet of yesteryear? Seriously, it wasn’t all avocado green, board-stiff, acrylic, firehazards. A lot of it was and still is very stylish. Yeah, some of us have been crocheting since the 70s and before, and back then we made the best with that we were given to use. The fibers available today are astounding, and the availability of yarn, supplies, and information can now be found at the touch of a keyboard. We didn’t have all that back then.

When I look at old patterns, I see many that I would love to make right now. I’ve even bought a few of them. Vintage patterns are in demand right now. Extremely popular. Everyone wants to study the old techniques because they realize there is designing gold in those old patterns.

Let me sum this up by saying that all granny’s crochet from back in the day was NOT ugly nor old-fashioned. Please stop dogging granny’s crochet because I honestly believe if you give granny the yarns, tools, and resources that you have today, she’d crochet a cozy around your booties that would put your stuff to shame.

Oh and granny squares are still cute after all these years.

Viva la crocheting grannies!


Crochet Commuter Chronicles – Intro

Two weeks ago I started riding the commuter bus to work instead of driving. I tell myself and others that I did it to save money on monthly parking and these mega gas prices. I say to myself and to my boyfriend that it will cut down on my stress, and I won’t be frustrated by the time I get to work from all my cussing at idiot drivers. I’ve bargained with myself and convinced my employers that I will finally be able to get to work on time from now on instead of being chronically late.

All these things are partially true. But if I am to be honest with myself, I am on that bus because it gives me MORE TIME TO CROCHET. I’m coming clean here and telling the truth. All those things I mentioned above take second place or lower to my crochet.

Before I would wake up, roll over and grab my current crochet project (or choose from several) that slept on the other side of the bed that night. I’d crochet for 15-20 mins, then slowly get ready for work, sometimes coming back a few times in between to pick up my project and do a few more stitches or rounds while dancing to the radio.

Then I’d be sure to grab a project on the way out and place it in the passenger seat to ride shotgun with me to work. At traffic stops/lulls, I’d pick up my hook and put in some work. I used to get some looks at stop lights. Yeah, I’m guilty of CWD. Well, not while moving though.