8 Ways to Create an Attractive Crochet Submission Package – Part 2

Tips from a New Designer


This is Part II of yesterday’s post.


5.         Photographs

If you already have a completed version of the design you are submitting, you may choose to include photos in addition to your swatch and/or drawings.  Be sure they are clear and show your design at its best.  Try photographing your design in natural light for the best pictures.  There are some great tips here if you need help with your photos.


6.         Contact Info

Include a separate card with your name, project name, the submission request for which it is submitted, all your contact information including email, website and telephone number.  This allows the editor to have access to all your information without having to carry around your entire project.  It also gives the editor a place to quickly jot notes on the back when reviewing your design.  Be sure that your name and contact info (at least email and telephone number) are on EVERYTHING, including your swatches.  My biggest fear is always that my swatch would become separated from the rest of my submission package, and there would be no way to determine where it went so I always make sure my information is firmly attached to my swatches.


7.         Packaging

Think carefully about how you can make your package concise and compact.  Make sure you package everything in a way that will allow it all to remain together.  Also think about what might happen if your submission gets dropped or tossed onto a desk with a bunch of others.  You want to be sure your items don’t easy fall out of your packaging.  I’ve submitted projects that were inserted into plastic sleeves that were put into a binder.  If you choose to do this, be sure to include a cover sheet for your binder, and don’t forget to label the spine too.


Even if you are submitting online, don’t skimp on your “packaging.”  Some designers are fortunate enough to have developed relationships with editors/yarn companies so they only have to submit a photo/sketch and say here’s my submission for XYZ.  If you are starting out, you need to put more into your submission.  Like I mentioned above, be sure to include well-done photos of your swatches, your sketches and an adequate description, but also if this is someone you’ve never worked with, include a brief intro about yourself.  Include your contact info in your email signature, and don’t forget to add a link to your blog or website.  Invite them to “check you out.”


8.         Be Unique

Finally, think about ways to make your submission packaging unique without being outrageous or obnoxious.  Think about yourself as a brand and try to come up with a signature concept that would be a representation of you.  That way whenever your package arrives, they will know it is yours.


I hope my sharing this has answered some of the questions I’ve been asked.  If you have submission tips you’d like to share, comments, opposing thoughts or other observations, your comments are welcome.

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